How I use sleep for loading up my intuition, and enjoy a relaxed day as an HSP

As a Highly Sensitive Person we are more intuitive than the average of the population. Our gut feeling never lies to us, and we can make very good decisions based on that feeling. Like a supercomputer it’s connecting the dots of all experiences we had, and can come up with quite surprisingly intelligent ideas, answers, and next steps.

Still, we tend to overthink everything and every move at daytime, or when we try to fall asleep. This happens even to the point, where we evaluate the best choice of which shoe we put on first: left or right? Or the overthinking happens in more complex sceneries, for example when we receive a text message and calculate all factors in, when we think about what to answer, and at what time.

Our sub subconsciousness is active around the clock. But at night, or when we sleep in general (naps also do count!), it can be doing its thing without being disturbed by our often overthinking mind.

Todo lists, time management and priorities

Therefore I put a piece of paper next to my bed, and a pen. When I wake up, I write down a todo list based on my thoughts I receive in the morning. It feels like my subconsciousness is telling me not only how to solve problems, but also their solutions and priorities.

When I don’t write everything down after waking up, I tend to forget what’s really important. I forget single tasks, get overwhelmed by that feeling of losing control, or are not aware of my priorities to feel safe and good. By taking the notes directly after waking up, I preserve the conclusions of my subconsciousness.

The tasks I decide for, I distribute over the day in a doable way. Sometimes I even pick a not so comfortable task which does not take much creativity, and just do it directly after waking up and forming my todo list. This can be answering an email (you can even impress the receiver by the time stamp of your email, just kidding ^^), or some repetitive task like paperwork, which I would have procrastinated in daytime before.

When I leave the todo list management mostly to my subconsciousness, take notes after waking up in the morning or after a nap, I feel way less pressure on time management and todo prioritising at daytime. Then I can keep listening to my intuition even more, as it also generates and gives me good advice when I’m awake.

And with all the little decisions over the day, I do this: if my gut tells me I have a good solution or decision on the plate, I do it. When there’s even a little doubt, I train myself to not decide, and postpone the decision to a later point. And I do it only when I feel it’s right. This can feel disturbing, but it gets easier and easier over time. Making a move just to get rid of a feeling of pressure or anxiety sometimes leads to overreacting, or a not so good choice. These hectic reactions can lead to even more work or internal pressure, when we realise the outcome of it.

Trusting your intuition is a good way of living, when your subconsciousness can work well, has enough time and energy, without distraction or informational overload. Which also leads to not bombarding your brain with input, especially the hours before sleep. Not using any electronic communication device two hours before I sleep was a game changer in terms of sleep quality, and the output of my subconsciousness in the morning.

I wish you many extremely good decisions, delivered absolutely for free by your incredible brain! The world needs your superpowers and keep on preserving them, so they can be used for the benefit of everyone – and yes, that includes yourself! 🙂

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